5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cow Heat Detection System

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cow Heat Detection System

Heat Detection is a task on the dairy farm that has become an art that requires a lot of skill and farm experience. To get the best results for your farm it can be very time consuming and requires working unsocial hours. Did you know that 75% of cows are coming into heat between 8pm and 6am and 30% of heats last less than 8 hours!

The last few years has seen the development of activity based heat detection systems that has made the task of heat detection less costly, time consuming and much less daunting. These devices enables farmers to focus on other important jobs on the farm while ensuring your cows become pregnant sooner.

But what are the important features to look for when investing in a heat detection system? At Dairymaster we understand what the important factors of accurate heat detection are, this has led to the MooMonitor’s global success.

1. Accuracy
The most important factor with any heat detection system is accuracy. Activity based heat detection systems work by consistently measuring activity of the cow and looking for a specific change in her activity pattern that is associated with heat. There are 3 factors that dictate the level of accuracy:

  • How you measure – how accurate is the technology being used to measure activity?
  • How often you record and store measurements – the more measurements you take the more accurate you will be.
  • How these measurements are analysed – systems that have been developed for both pasture and indoor dairy systems have software designed to filter out the larger variance in activity levels which exists in a pasture based system hence making them more accurate indoors.

2. Easy to use
User friendliness is a must for any system. Data on different cows should be easy to interpret through lists as well as graphs that are colourful and easy on the eye. Reports should be easy to formulate. It is also very important to be able to easily navigate around the program.

3. Monitor your herd on the move
A system that includes a mobile app is a great feature as it allows you to monitor your herd from anywhere in the world. The MooMonitor App updates hourly allowing you to do heat detection while doing other jobs on the farm.

4. A Sustainable Investment
It’s important to look for a system that has replaceable components compared to buying a new complete unit. If something breaks or wears due to constant usage, your cost of ownership of the system could be higher over the life of the system.

5. Timing of Insemination
It is one thing to know what cow is in heat but what’s crucial is knowing when a cow has started her heat so you know when the best time to AI her is. This is why a system that displays a heat start hour is important in helping you to get more cows pregnant.

If you are thinking of investing in an activity based heat detection system contact a member of the Dairymaster team to demonstrate how the MooMonitor can save you time and money.

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