Free Download: 6 Tips to Improve Heat Detection in Your Herd

Take the guesswork out of monitoring your herd’s fertility. Dairymaster has produced this free guide based on our experience of helping thousands of farmers monitor heats and general animal health on their farm.

Highlights include

  • The time most cows come into heat
  • Which heat to inseminate on
  • The importance of animal history

James O'Dwyer

Owner, Killeen Farm, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

“I would say we are missing zero heats & even using less straws, the precise timing of an onset of heat is incredible. I have all my cows information on my phone & it has saved me at least 3 hours a day. It observes heats 24/7 & also notifies me of cows that are not well. I have also seen a decrease in culling from last year. The MooMonitor+ has been a fantastic investment.”

6 Tips On How To Improve Heat Detection & Animal Health Monitoring

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