Customer Stories

Benefits to Farmers, How it works & The MooMonitor+ Mobile App

Sam Pearson

Farm Manager, Drysgolgoch Farm, Wales.
Milking 630 shorthorn cows

“It has absolutely transformed the job for me on the fertility side, massive increase in submission rates and we’re much more up to date in knowing where we are with regards to knowing if the cows are getting back in calf. It alerts you when any cow deviates from her normal activity, up or down, and it gives you a handy list then whether she has high activity and is bulling or low activity and is lame or sick.”

James O Dwyer

Owner, Killeen Farm, Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

“I would say we are missing zero heats & even using less straws, the precise timing of an onset of heat is incredible. I have all my cows information on my phone & it has saved me at least 3 hours a day. It observes heats 24/7 & also notifies me of cows that are not well. I have also seen a decrease in culling from last year. The MooMonitor+ has been a fantastic investment.”

Tom & Simon Browne

Owner, Greenhills Farm, Killeagh, Cork. Ireland.

“Over the past few days we have fitted our herd with the MooMonitor+. We feel that this technology will more than pay for itself and allow us improve results on the farm. Technology is always changing and improving and the MooMonitor+ gives us more information about all our cows to help us make better decisions. Our association with Dairymaster is long standing and we are proud to see that partnership continue.”

John Macnamara

Co. Limerick, Ireland.

“The app on the phone is simple to use and it’s easy to manage the whole system. I have a young family and with herd size increasing, I’m looking forward to not spending time out in the field late at night – now the app picks it up. Knowing you can do the job better than before in less time has to be worth a lot!”

Shane Crean

Co. Cork, Ireland.

“The MooMonitor+ works all year round. If I see a sick cow today, the MooMonitor+ actually detected her yesterday, telling us the cow didn’t eat or she is resting too much. If I can catch a cow 12 hours sooner that is a saving for us straight away. If I could save just one cow that’s another €1,200 or €1,400.”

Peter Ging

Co. Laois, Ireland.

“I went with MooMonitor+ because of the superior range and the fact that it is monitoring my heifers 24×7 as compared to competitors systems. I use a lot of sexed semen so I want to be sure when I AI my heifers.”

Mark Bristow

Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.

“The vet reckons it’s saved me upwards on £160 per animal in the last year. It’s saved me the price of itself in just a year. After 4 days I saw our cows were having heats in the middle of the night that lasted for a few hours – without the MooMonitor+ I was never going to catch those.”

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