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Dairymaster’s Latest Innovation Launched at Global HQ

Breeding, fertility and health are critical factors for success on-farm. Dairymaster’s latest product, the much anticipated MooMonitor+ that monitors each individual cow’s health and fertility has arrived. Launched today at Dairymaster’s Global Headquarters in Causeway, Co Kerry at an event attended by the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn the MooMonitor+ allows farmers to monitor their entire herd, from their phone.

As herd sizes are increasing, farmers have less time to watch cows for signs of heat. How can a farmer focus on each individual animal? Imagine you could look at how long each cow is in heat, feeding, ruminating and resting for… The MooMonitor+ allows farmers detect heats with ease, as well as providing advanced health and wellness monitoring through advanced data analysis.

“The MooMonitor+ will basically allow farmers to have their herd in their pocket – this means that they can enjoy more family or free time and their herd is still being monitored for health and heat detection on a constant basis” said Dr Edmond Harty Expectations for the MooMonitor+ are high. Farmers across the planet have been asking Dairymaster reps about its arrival. Dairymaster have confirmed that the MooMonitor+ is ready to ship worldwide – and with customers in over 40 countries, that really does mean worldwide.

Commissioner Quinn also foresaw extensive interest in the MooMonitor+ among Irish famers in particular. “It is forecast that the lifting of milk quotas next year could result in strong growth in global demand for dairy products from Europe,” said Quinn. “I know many Irish dairy farmers are already building up their herds in anticipation of this projected growth, and the national plan is to increase production by 50% by 2020. It’s easy to say this of course, but in practical terms, farmers in Ireland and across the EU will need to invest in a lot of new and innovative equipment if they are to meet their ambitious targets.”

While the original MooMonitor focused solely on whether a cow was in heat or not, the latest model can now help with animal health, reducing further the revenue lost through illness and missed heats and through networking and cloud computing, literally allows the farmer to monitor his entire herd 24X7 with his phone. The mobile app allows two way interaction with the system, this removes the need to go back to the computer. When the system detects sick cows it will send an immediate notification direct to your phone. The new system allows farmers to stay in control with features such as;

The better the heat detection, the more animals will be presented for artificial insemination (AI) and the quicker animals will be pregnant. This means shorter calving intervals, reduced culling rates, less labour and a reduction in the number of animals you need to re-inseminate. The farmer does not even have to be present on the farm to know which of his cattle need a visit from the AI people, or a vet.

Accurate health and fertility monitoring has never been easier!

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